The Bolt, a custom PC brand from Digital Storm, has been on the receiving end of a few upgrades. It runs quieter, has more power and gives you more performance for your buck. If you're willing to shell out $1.5k you'll be able to grab yourself a high-end, console-style PC for your gaming needs.

Rajeev Kuruppu, Digital Storm’s director of product development commented in the press release about the new update to their multi-tiered system line, saying...
“When we (Digital Storm) design a system it has to stand up to our core principles - performance, support, and value,” ... “Our original design was outstanding, but after listening to customers and reading media reviews we knew we could raise Bolt’s design to an even higher plateau. The result of the changes we made is a sleek and quiet system design, capable of going toe to toe with any full-sized tower-style desktop.”

The Bolt comes in four tiers, with the fourth tier being the proverbial $2k gaming rig many console gamers tease the PC community about. However, you don't need to spend an arm and a leg, the mortgage and the car payments just to get a high-end gaming PC that is compact, offers great ventilation and top-of-the-line parts.

The tier-three Bolt has been completely revamped from an i5 3570k CPU to an i7 3770k CPU and the hard drive upgraded from a 60GB SSD to a 120GB SSD without having its price adjusted. That's right, you still get the tier-three Bolt for only $1.5k. That's not half-bad.

For those of you willing to spend a little less but still want a high-powered experience, with Nvidia's GTX 650 TI 2GB Kepler powered GPU, you can grab the tier-one Bolt for only $999.99. You have to admit, that's not a bad price for a PC that comes equipped with a GTX 6xx brand.

You can learn more about Digital Storm's console-style setups, pricing and specs by visiting the Official Website.

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