Strategy RPG series Disgaea will continue next year. Nippon Ichi Software revealed on Friday that they're developing Disgaea Dimension 2 for release on the PS3.

NIS didn't announce any features of the game. However, based on past installments of the series, it's safe to assume certain details. It'll almost certainly have turn-based combat from an isometric perspective. Furthermore, it'll be chock-full of angels, demons and those crazy penguin people (Prinnies).

The slides from NIS' announcement (via Famitsu) also confirmed that Laharl, Etna and Flonne will all make a return. They've been prominent characters in the series since it began in 2002 so their inclusion is no big shock. It's not clear whether they'll be main characters or merely making cameos.

Nippon Ichi also announced a release date: March 20th, 2013. That probably only applies to Japan, though. The Western release of new Disgaea games tends to happen several months after Japan receives it.

The teaser site for Dimension 2 is now live. However, it's pretty bare bones at the moment. NIS will add new information to it on Halloween.

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