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Ubisoft can't seem to catch a break with The Division. Each new patch seems to bring its own series of frustrations to players, and that's exactly what happened with patch 1.2, where more glitches and bugs seem to be disrupting the play experience for some gamers.

IGN compiled a number of different reports into one, all of which highlight some of the unfortunate outcomes spawning from the recent release of patch 1.2. The most devastating issue is actually one that's making a return from patch 1.1, where some players have reported that their characters are missing.

According to IGN, the 1.1 issue involving missing characters was actually a server issue and not necessarily a standard bug found throughout The Division. In the case of patch 1.2, we don't exactly know what the issue is with the characters disappearing.

Over on the official Ubisoft forums community developer Yannick Banchereau mentioned to the rest of The Division community that they would be looking into the issue. This has supposedly been affecting PC gamers foremost over PS4 and Xbox One owners. Ubisoft is collecting usernames in order to investigate the matter and find out why some player characters are completely missing.

But missing characters is only part of the problem. Additional reports are indicating that The Division's matchmaking is all borked and players aren't able to find proper teams while playing the third-person MMO. But let's say that you were able to get past the whole issue with the missing character because your character isn't missing and you play solo so you're not worried about the whole matchmaking being messed up... there's yet another problem plaguing players in the game.

There's a Daily Missions mode in The Division that's also being reported as being malfunctioning. Players are either unable to acquire the missions or complete them. So even if you did manage to survive having your character appear fine and dandy in patch 1.2, and even if you play solo and don't care about the matchmaking, there's still the issue of the Daily Missions where you still wouldn't be able to play them correctly.

Ubisoft have been dealing with these kind of issues with the game since its debut in March. There's just a lot of issues that the game has been suffering from due to the fact that MMOs can be a pain like that. The major problem with MMOs, though, is that by the time they fully stabilize (although they never really reach perfection due to the constant updates) there's always the risk that majority of the audience have given up on the game and have moved on to something else.

In the case of The Division it's only been a few months so Ubisoft still has some time to iron everything out before they completely lose their player base to bugs and glitches, but most gamers aren't going to stick around forever for a game that keeps putting up blockades in the way from them having fun due to missing characters, invisible backpacks and glitchy load times. Expect a hotfix to arrive for The Division to address the missing characters, matchmaking and Daily Missions.

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