Don’t blink. I know that might sound difficult, especially since you are currently reading and, you know, your eyes might get tired, but it is absolutely imperative that you Do. Not. Blink. The Doctor is returning to TV and, to celebrate, Tiny Rebel Games and Seed Studio have announced that Doctor Who: Legacy for mobile platforms has officially updated to version 2.3, including loads of new content. Okay, you can blink now.

Don’t worry, you were never actually in danger from the Angels, I just really, really didn’t want you to blink while reading that introductory paragraph. It was super important to me, and I hope you didn’t betray our trust by ignoring my request.

So, and many of you Whovians out there already know, Doctor Who is set to return for its eighth season with a brand new non-physician flying the Tardis and, in order to get everyone ready for the latest batch of adventures, Doctor Who: Legacy has moved onto version 2.3, called “Hunt for Greyhound One,” featuring content inspired by the upcoming season.

There’s not a heck of a lot of new content just yet, but that’s kind of the beauty of how Rebel Games and Seed Studios are handling this latest update. You wouldn’t want to experience any spoilers, after all. Similar to how weekly content is released on Defiance following certain episodes of the show, Doctor Who: Legacy will receive new content on a weekly basis following each new episode, including new enemies, allies, costumes and backgrounds.

For the game’s overarching Greyhound One story, the various incarnations of the Doctor are banning together to take on the Master and stop his latest evil plot. The latest members to join the roster includes the Fifth Doctor (Peter Davison), as well as allies Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, Rose Tyler, Wilfred Mott, Ace, Idris, Bessie the car and the Whomobile. Yep, this show certainly has had a long and super bizarre history.

For those of you who haven’t jumped into this free-to-play mobile game, Tiny Rebel Games Creative Director, Lee Cummings, thinks that now would be a great time to do so.

“When we launched Doctor Who: Legacy back in November, we couldn’t have imagined the amazingly engaged and supportive fan community that it would inspire,” Cummings said. “We are thrilled and honored at the privilege the BBC has allowed us in supporting the upcoming season of the show with the 12th Doctor and his allies on their new adventures. We can’t wait to share what we’ve been working on with our fans,” added Susan Cummings, DWL Executive Producer.

If you’ve already got Doctor Who: Legacy loaded on your mobile device, then The Hunt for Greyhound One is already available as an update and new content will be added as the season moves on. Otherwise, it’ll be included in all new downloads of the game for mobile platforms, Android and iOS, as well as on Facebook.

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