Dragon Age II: Exiled Prince DLC Announced

Remember how EA promised that the BioWare Signature Edition of Dragon Age II would come with $20 of bonus content? This weekend they explained just what this content is.

The biggest extra in the Signature Edition is an exclusive party member named Sebastian Vael. Vael, according to BioWare, is a "archer of noble birth" trying to get revenge on those who murdered his family. You'll no doubt help him with his personal vendetta in exchange for his assistance on your own journey. If you don't get the Signature Edition, you'll need to pay $7 to download this DLC.

The in-game armory previously announced by EA is a cache of four items: a staff called the "Apostate's Courage", the shield "Seeker's Bulwark", the bow "Adder of Antiva" and a sword named the "Might of Sten." The variety of items means you'll have at least one to suit your character.

The Signature Edition, which also includes a downloadable game soundtrack, will cost the same amount as the standard edition. The only catch is that you need to pre-order the game before January 11th.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.