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Square Enix is now airing a new television ad for Dragon Quest X. While the graphics are very modern and sophisticated, they still pay tribute to the series' classic visuals.

The character design for the series was done by Akira Toriyama. He's also the artist responsible for Dragon Ball and Chrono Trigger, in case you're wondering why they look so damn similar. The style of the concept art didn't always shine through in the older DQ games but it does here. Each character looks just like one of Toriyama's drawings.

DQX, unlike its predecessors, is an MMORPG. Players create a character from one of six races and explore the new world of Astoltia. It's the first MMO for the Wii as well as the first MMO in the series.

Square Enix will launch DQX on the Wii on August 2nd in Japan. A Wii U release is planned as well but undated. It's not clear if and when the game will be available here in the West.

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