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Today Dying Light developer Techland released the hard mode patch for the open-world zombie game. However, they have even bigger features planned for the game's future.

The new patch included a video message from Techland Paul Milewski (via Game Informer). He began the video by saying that the developers have "lots of stuff in the works that will let you experience our game in a completely new way." About 45 seconds into the video, we get a glimpse at some of these new features.

The sneak peek begins with a look at Harran Stadium, a location teased throughout the single-player campaign. At the stadium, players will test themselves against waves of increasingly tougher enemies. This content is part of the Bozak Horde DLC coming in May.

That's not the most interesting part of the trailer, though. What's even better is the few seconds of dune buggy action. It seems that players will be traveling outside of the city on an unknown mission:

Techland said in the past that they once planned for Dying Light to have vehicles at launch.

"However, during testing, it turned out that our Natural Movement simply eliminates the need for driving," the studio said last year. "There was just no incentive to limit yourself to driving, when you could get anywhere quickly and efficiently using Natural Movement."

Adding vehicles to the current map just wouldn't have worked. Harran is really designed with parkour in mind; it has narrow streets, loads of obstacles and constant elevation changes. If they plopped a car into the middle of that city, players wouldn't get much use out of it. A new region is the only real way to implement vehicles.

Today's hard mode patch will help tide us over until this new content. The patch, available on all platforms in the Americas today, makes the game more challenging in several ways. For example, volatiles don't show up on your minimap anymore and the night lasts twice as long. Hard mode can be toggled on or off at any time during your game.

The patch is a welcome one even if you don't have any interest in hard mode, though. It includes several new outfits to earn. For example, you can add the Punk and Bully clothing to your collection by beating the game on Normal mode. Players can also find powerful new weapons like the Rune Hammer and Bone Splitter to make kills even more colorful. Some weapons you find out in the world will have a new rarity level of Gold along with awesome stats to match.

In addition to all of Techland's planned updates, PC games have another reason to look forward to the months ahead: mods. Techland recently announced that they're going to provide free modding tools to the player community so they can add or modify Dying Light's content.
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