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Dying Light Enhanced Edition is ready to launch on November 9, bringing with it all sorts of improvements over the core game, as well as the introduction of a new activity system called “Bounties.”

As you might have guessed from the game’s title, Dying Light Enhanced Edition boasts improved graphics and even better enemy AI, meaning you’ll have even more fun re-murdering armies of zombies while gawking at the even more lovely scenery. If you happen to already own Dying Light, there’s no need to be bummed. A free patch for existing copies of the game will launch alongside the new title, bringing with it all of the same enhancements.

Easily the most exciting of these enhancements, though, is a new system the team at Techland is calling “Bounties.” If that rang a bell in the mind of our Destiny fans, that’s because these activities are actually quite similar to an identically named set of challenges in Bungie’s first-person shooter.

Here’s a look at what Bounties in Dying Light will entail; only unlocked once you’ve completed the game’s campaign. In other words, the developers are trying to give players even more reasons to keep diving back into the zombie apocalypse even after finishing the story.

Bounties are being broken into three groups, beginning with basic bounties. These missions can be picked up like quests and can be completed through normal play. Cutting off zombie heads and smashing the undead are examples of basic bounties.

The next category, dailies, operate exactly like they sound. Available on a 24-hour basis, dailies will feature a heavier emphasis on exploration, like having you reach various points within the game world.

Finally, there are Dying Light community challenges. Usually lasting for a couple of days, community challenges will require everyone playing the game to accomplish a grand feat. Can everyone run over a million zombies over the course of two days? Community challenges aims to find out.

As you might have guessed, Bounties come with their own rewards, too, which means fans of Dying Light will have plenty of additional reasons to keep on keeping on.

When Dying Light: Enhanced Edition launches on Feb. 9, it will be available for PC, Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. Again, if you already own the original version of the game, your copy will automatically be updated through a patch.

Also arriving that day is the mega-expansion, Dying Light: The Following. Being called basically a brand new game, this DLC will set you back another 20 bucks or is currently included in the $30 season pass. Along with introducing vehicles to the game, The Following boasts a new story section, a huge new map and even more ways to kill time, and zombies, within the game.