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Crysis 3 made a big appearance at EA's E3 press conference this afternoon. A four-minute gameplay demo reveals that, like its predecessors, Crysis 3 is poised to be one of the best-looking games around.

In Crysis 3, Prophet returns to New York. The Cell Corporation has encased the entire city in a Nanodome. This dome has transformed the metropolis into an enormous rainforest. This video shows Prophet battling the Cell forces guarding the machinery of the dome.

One of the big additions to Prophet's arsenal is an composite bow. It might seems a little low-tech for a nanosuit-clad super soldier but it's surprisingly powerful. Using one of the bow's special attachments, Prophet's actually able to take down an attack helicopter with it.

The bad news is that we've still got a long wait until Crysis 3's release. The game won't arrive until February of next year.

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