If you wanted a serious zombie game; a real survival-horror experience that doesn't tread lightly on the idea of gore, guts and surviving, then Ubisoft has a game that will chew right up your spine called ZombiU.

Much like Techland's Dead Island, ZombiU's trailer focuses on the intensity of survival, or at least that's what Ubisoft hints at. There's nothing final on what the game will feature but it looks sleek and you can check out the CG trailer below. Warning, put the kids to bed because it gets pretty graphic.

If you don't think the Wii U is a core console after seeing that then there's just no helping you. I'm sorry but you're too far off into the fanboy camp of Sony or Microsoft to be reeled back in.

Nevertheless, Ubisoft is promising that this won't be another campy B-movie schlock fest hamming it up on Nintendo's console. This will be a legitimate core game for mature gamers, so I'm hoping that maybe Ubisoft has found a nice niche to revive the fledging mainstream presence of the survival-horror genre, and if they've managed to do so with a new IP like ZombiU then I'm all for it. We'll have more info on the Wii U's first exclusive mature-rated game as soon as it becomes available.

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