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The Godfather II game isn't in stores yet but EA's already revealed some of the post-launch downloadable content. Two weeks after the game's release, EA will release three premium upgrade packs separately and in a bundle. Here are the details on each:

  • The Pentangeli Map Pack ($6.75 / 540 MS points): The all-new Cuba and Junkyard multiplayer maps.
  • Level 4 Weapons Bundle ($4.00 / 320 MS points): The Modern Dillinger, the .700 Magnum Impact, the Herzstopper, the MG-S1 Sniper Wolfe, and the Street Sweeper.
  • Jack of All Trades ($4.00 / 320 MS points): A new character for your family. Jimmy Lira starts out with the arsonist, engineer, medic, and safecracker specialties and comes equipped with a level 2 machine gun – the MP38.
  • The Corleone Bundle ($10.00 / 800 MS points) - Comes with all of the above content.
Players will also be able to download a multiplayer mode called "Don Control" for free on the game's launch date. Godfather II will be released on April 7th in North American and on April 10th in Europe.

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