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E3 attendees may have noticed a group of people outside the convention center protesting Dante's Inferno. As anyone with a shred of cynicism may have suspected, this was a viral marketing stunt.

The protesters were armed with signs that said things like "The Cross is not a weapon!" and "EA = Electronic Anti-Christ." An EA spokesperson confirmed to the Associated Press that EA hired an agency to arrange the demonstration. Perhaps they expected gamers to react like this:

GAMER 1: Hey, those crazy religious guys are protesting that Dante's Inferno game!
GAMER 2: Oh man, if overzealous Christians hate it, it must be awesome!
GAMER 1: Rock music, Harry Potter, Dante's Inferno!

More likely, though, EA just wanted some basic exposure for their new game during a convention crowded with big sequels. Well, it worked in that a lot of gaming sites reported on the protest. Does that really translate into greater interest for the game itself, though?