The upcoming EA Sports fighting game due out this spring for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 has received some brand new screenshots. The game also received an ever-so-slight roster update to let gamers know what they're in store for when the game does release.

Not keen on taking a back seat to other small and mid-tier sites, iGame Responsibly pumped out the new screenshots fast and furiously while also adding a slight blurb to the occasion. Supposedly the new images come courtesy of a milestone build for the developers. What that means is that the developers have made significant strides in the development process and completed a key section that allows them to focus and move into the next phase of development.

In this particular case, it's being reported that the team has completed the base game and have moved into the alpha phase of development. This means that the groundwork for the gameplay mechanics are completed, the lighting engine is set, many of the assets are in place and all the hooks in engine for future DLC are setup (but we'll get around to this bit a little later). With the alpha phase in play it also means that the team can work on ironing out gameplay related bugs, putting more advanced systems into play and potentially working on multiplayer.

As noted above, the PR bullshots of EA Sports UFC were sent out to give gamers a small glimpse of what's in store for the title and it features the likes of fan-favorite Georges St-Pierre, the loud-mouthed and fast talking Chael Sonnen, as well as Rashad Evans and Alexander Gustafsson.

The news also brings a bit of a roster update to the table, letting gamers know that Jon Jones will also be a playable pugilist when the game launches and that there will be further roster updates leading up to the game's release.

The thing about the roster updates is that it got me thinking about DLC. Now here's where we circle back around to talk about DLC hooks. Given that this is EA and that this is a fighting game based on a popular sport where a name and a face carry a lot of marketing weight, I do wonder if EA will go the route of including DLC packs early in the game's lifespan, late in the game's lifespan or right out of the gate? The potential for DLC spamming is ripe for revenue.

While the roster isn't final, I can easily imagine EA selling legend packs with the likes of Royce Gracie, Dan “The Beast” Severn, Don Frye, Oleg Taktarov, Tank Abbot, Keith Hackney and Ken Shamrock in a pack, while others like “Kimo”, Mark “The Hammer” Coleman, Frank Shamrock or Bas Rutten will make the cut in the second season legends DLC pack.

Hopefully the DLC isn't too bad and hopefully they don't sell moves. Selling moves would be terrible. $5 for a cross-arm breaker or a double-leg rear-naked choke... ugh.

Anyway, in all honesty, I'm actually really looking forward to EA Sports UFC because we don't get many fighting games and we don't get many sports fighting games, so it's nice to see them giving a little love to the genre.

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