Forget pleasing shareholders, forget giving fans what they want, EA wants to supersede all that and go straight for the gold; they want to be epic winning in the 90 plus circle of Metacritic awesomeness. They even go as far as to say that Steam is like MySpace and Origin is like Facebook. EA really wants to epic-win, eh?

In an interview with MCVUK, one of gaming's celebrity executives and EA's senior VP of global ecommerce, David DeMartini, had a chat about Origin, Valve, Steam, Jedi Master Gabe Newell and 90 plus ratings on Metacritic, saying...
“If MySpace had stayed the one answer in social networking and no one switched to Facebook, then we’d all be stuck on MySpace right now and we wouldn’t have had the Facebook phenomenon,”

“There are better mousetraps that ultimately get built out of this innovation and the only way you get to the innovation is to have other people try and do a better version of what someone has previously done. And that’s what we’re attempting to do on Origin"

It is true that a lot of people admit that EA's Origin client is better streamlined for client services. The service also offers faster download speeds than Steam, as well as easier and more convenient customer support. Please, put your lightsabers away, no one is attacking Jedi Master Gabe.

The thing is, Origin's biggest hurdles is in how consumers are treated once they sign that end-user license agreement. Gamers had to fight tooth and nail in the public spotlight to get things altered like the two-year entitlement clause and the forum-ban policy. Further shuffles with the corporate giant eventually enabled gamers to play their games in offline mode.

DeMartini is apparently working to correct EA's past transgressions of anti-consumerist measures, especially in the wake of the sour news surrounding their stock price taking a nose dive and the fact that they've picked up a lot of negative press surrounding SimCity's always-on nightmare feature.

David goes on to say...
"...we have over 50 partners that have flocked to the service in less than 12 months, and we did over $150m in revenue, which represented 400 per cent growth over the previous year – those numbers show we are making huge progress."

"EA is in a really interesting place. We have this bar that is set so high, so that whether it is any of our games or services, we want to be 90 plus Metacritic at everything.

“Origin is moving in that direction. We are not there yet. We understand that. But we are going to get there soon."

Well after the huge debacle of DeMartini lying and saying they weren't going to do 75% off going out of business sales and then shortly thereafter they went and did an 87% off already-out-of-business sale kind of makes it hard to believe anything the guy says.

As for the "90 plus Metacritic" comment, you can chalk that up to more investor-appeasement because in corporate-sales world a 90 plus on Metacritic must mean your brand is a golden egg laying goose and that it equates to a boost in the overall stock portfolio *cough*Call of Duty*cough*. 'Tis a dream DeMartini. Focus on making friends with gamers by not doing or saying douchy things, and then focus on that 90 plus Metacritic score...unless of course, EA decides to publish the game Metacritic: Epic Winning Like A Pro.

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