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Eidos is looking for a few good folk to fill out their ranks for the next iteration of Thief, as well as a few good folk for an unannounced title, presumably set for release on next generation consoles. The positions include a senior writer for the unannounced game and a game writer for the upcoming Thief.

The pages have been updated but don't necessarily reflect which position is for what. It was noted on a LinkedIn post from Eidos recruiter Frédéric-Antoine that Eidos has an unannounced title in the works and they're looking for a senior game writer and that for the upcoming Thief game they're simply looking for a writer. The application for the unannounced game can be found here, while the position for Thief an be found here.

Not too long ago it was revealed from OXM and CVG that the tentatively titled Thief 4 would be aimed for next-gen consoles. If they're just hiring in a writer for the game then I'd imagine that the game won't be ready for release until maybe 2014, this is despite studio head Stephane D'Astous commenting that they were aiming for a 2013 launch. Although, Stephane's comments come from way back in 2010, so yeah.

As for the unannounced game from Eidos...I have no idea what it could be, but we know it can't be Tomb Raider and I doubt they'd revive the Flying Nightmares brand, but it will be interesting to see what the company has in store. Square Enix, Eidos' parent company, did mention that they had 10 brand new IPs in the works, so maybe it could be one of them.