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With more than 900,000 developers having downloaded and installed Epic’s free-to-use, Unreal Development Kit, featuring many of the latest and greatest features of the Unreal Engine, the company is moving forward with more and bigger updates. The latest additions to the UDK is a movie capture system, an iCloud document saving system for iOS as well as adaptive tessellation and material functions.

I’m really impressed with how much content up-and-coming developers get with the UDK system and the amount of tools available for developers to use at no cost. Very, very impressive.

What’s more is that Epic is helping a lot of these starter teams get up on their feet and get their projects off the ground with a little bit of promotion. A few games are in the works for multiple platform releases, and a few spotlighted titles that will become available for the iOS includes Q.U.B.E and the very cool looking third-person zombie shooter, Desert Zombie. Other titles released under the UDK system includes Sanctum and The Ball, which have received some rather glowing reviews.

You can learn more about the latest Unreal Development Kit and the updates made to it by paying a visit to the Official Website. And remember, the UDK is completely free to download, so just make some room on your hard drive and have a blast.