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Due out on Oct. 9, Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection will (re)introduce players to one of the most wisecracking adventurers the world has ever known. To make sure that everyone is ready to roll once the game launches, Sony today revealed a new story trailer for the three-part epic, alongside some fresh details on a trio of new game modes.

You read that right; there will be a few new ways to play Uncharted once The Nathan Drake Collection releases this fall. But first, here’s a reminder of all the over-the-top craziness you have to look forward to. If you’re completely new to the series, however, you might want to sit this one out and just enjoy meeting Nathan, Sully and Elena while playing the games instead.

Along with this new story trailer, Naughty Dog Community Strategist Eric Monacelli today revealed through the PlayStation Blog that The Nathan Drake Collection will also boast a few new ways to play the games. While online multiplayer will regrettably be missing from this collection, you still have the original Drake’s Fortune campaign to look forward to, alongside follow-ups Among Thieves and Drake’s Deception. “New Trophies and modes such as our Explorer, Speed Run and Brutal Modes will invite long-time adventurers to replay these classics while welcoming newcomers to discover Uncharted greatness,” Monacelli said.

Explorer Mode, as it turns out, is specifically targeted at folks who don’t typically do well in shooters. The combat difficulty is “reduced greatly,” meaning you’ll be able to explore and have fun in the game without worrying so much about those pesky pirates trying to shoot you in the face.

Speed Run Mode is exactly what it sounds like, offering some handy new tools for folks who like to play their games really, really fast. A new timer is provided to help you keep track of your own pace and, as you complete the game, you can compare your time against your friends in individual sections and through the final run.

Finally, there’s Brutal Difficulty Mode which, again, is well named. If you didn’t find the Uncharted games difficult enough your first time through, why not turn up the heat and see how you fare against tougher enemies while firing weaker weapons? You’ll need to complete the game on Crushing difficulty to unlock this new challenge, so good luck!

Along with those new modes, players can also look forward to improved graphics and sound across all three Uncharted games. There’s also a new suite of photo mode tools, which will let you capture some stunning shots as you defy death in exotic locations.

After all of that, all you have left to do is patiently wait for Uncharted 4.

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