Considering how long it took indie darling FEZ to make it to market, it's hard to believe that the game is actually celebrating its first birthday. That's 365 days of mind-bending maps to explore and crafty puzzles to untangle. And the game's been pretty successful, too, selling “200,000 units on XBLA alone.”

The above quote was taken directly from the Polytron blog as game designer Phil Fish celebrates FEZ's first year on the market.

“It's been a truly transformative year,” Fish said. “Suddenly becoming so loved and so hated by so many teaches you some humility. Or at least some things you didn't know about yourself. I feel like a different person now. A much, much less crazy person. A much happier person. It's been a fantastic year.”

All together now: “Aaaaaaaaaw.”

Now that Fish has let the cat out of the bag on the big 200K sales on XBLA, he said that Polytron is gearing up for the game's PC release on May 1, where he and his crew are hoping the game will find its way into the lives of more gamers than ever before.

“We're super excited to finally set the game free on all these other platforms,” Fish continued. “If you haven't played it yet, I hope you will! (Steal it if you must!).”

While I certainly wouldn't advise that lat part, I doubt few who have played the game wouldn't admit that FEZ isn't, at the very least, worth checking out. If you don't have access to and Xbox 360 but do have a decent computer lying around, you can do exactly that starting May 1.

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