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The Wii U version of FIFA 13 is no mere port. The development team at EA Canada has devised several ways to utilize the console's GamePad in order to deliver a unique experience to soccer fans.

Using the GamePad's touchscreen, players can tackle opponents, assign defenders or complete passes. During free kicks, you view the field from the player's perspective via the GamePad and then select the arc of your shot. You can also use the touchscreen to aim normal goal shots by shaking your controller or pressing down the left analog stick.

The GamePad also lets you perform manager duties. You can pull up stats on players by simply tapping on them. If things are looking grim, you can adjust your team's strategy on the fly.

Nintendo needs to make the case to gamers that the Wii U and its unusual controller can be more entertaining than other consoles, even with multiplatform games. Extensive, tailor-made features like what FIFA 13 offers will make this task a lot easier for Nintendo.

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