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Coming off the massive launch of Fallout 4, which saw the company shipping 12 million SKUs the world around for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC, Bethesda Softworks has announced that they have a new studio in Montreal, Canada opening and they're hiring staff to fill out the rest of the space in addition to the 40 people already on location.

The news was made over on the official Bethesda website where they announced that the studio is opening and hiring to fill out the staff positions. They're also hiring for the Maryland studio as well, but they don't exactly say what for.

Todd Howard, the game director for Fallout 4 and the executive producer at Bethesda Game Studios commented about the news, stating...
We’ve worked with some very talented developers in Montreal for a long time, and decided it was time to open a studio there, […] It’s exciting to think about the new games we’ll be building together.

There have already been rumblings within the gaming community that the next project from out of Bethesda will be an Elder Scrolls title, likely as a follow-up to Skyrim, which was one of the best selling games that the company ever released.

Others think that Bethesda might tackle some other project next completely off the grid from everything else we currently know about or has recently been announced. It wouldn't be surprising if another Elder Scrolls game was next. While some people might point to the Elder Scrolls Online being a new entry in the series, I think most core fans can agree that the MMO is a completely different experience from the more methodically paced, open-world adventuring found in the standard single-player games.

Whatever the new project is happens to be something that's a collaborative venture between the main Bethesda studios and the new Montreal branch. According to the new studio director, Yves Lachance, they're thrilled to be working with the main studio while ramping up staff for the Montreal office...
“Our collaboration with Bethesda Game Studios has been an exhilarating and memorable journey already, […] We are thrilled to be launching the studio in Montreal and contributing our city’s great game-making talent to the kind of games that Bethesda Game Studios is known for.

With Arkane Studios already working on Dishonored 2 and id Software prepping for the spring release of Doom on PC and home consoles, it definitely leaves you wondering what it is Bethesda is tackling next in their illustrious and growing library of IP?

Technically the staff could be working on fixing Battlecry, the game that's currently on hold as they completely rework it into something more marketable. The game hasn't been talked about much and very little gameplay footage has been showcased. I wouldn't be surprised if they brought in an extra pair of helping hands to offer some creative redirection for the title to make it more competitive against upcoming games like Battleborn and Overwatch.

Either way, Bethesda has a new game studio and that means more games in the pipeline, which is only a good thing for fans of Bethesda Softworks.
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