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Today new evidence emerged that Bethesda is developing Fallout 4. Erik Todd Dellums, the voice of "Three Dog" in Fallout 3, announced on Twitter that he may soon reprise his role.

"To all my #Fallout3 and #ThreeDog fans: There may be more of the Dog coming! Fingers crossed!" tweeted Dellums. He added in a later tweet that he had been given permission to make that tease.

"Three Dog" was the host of "Galaxy News Radio," a station based on the ruins of Washington, D.C. He can live or die depending on player choices in F3, but I guess Bethesda is treating his survival as the canon outcome. His inclusion in the next Fallout suggests that the game takes place in the same general time period and geographic area of F3.

The last time we heard anything about Fallout 4 was back in August. A tipster claimed that the game is going to be set in Boston and that Bethesda was scouting locations. Boston was mentioned throughout F3 and its downloadable content. Maybe Three Dog decides to move there?

Whatever this game is, it's probably not for Xbox 360 and PS3. Since last February, Bethesda has been hiring personnel for a next-gen game.