In case Nintendo still hasn’t settled on what form the upcoming NX platform should take, designer Pierre Cerveau has an idea. It’s called a Smart Boy, and it’s Cerveau’s idea of what a smartphone/Nintendo handhold console hybrid might look like.

Posted on his blog at Design by Pierre Cerveau, The Nintendo Smart Boy concept looks like what you would get if a classic Game Boy console and an iPhone were shoved into a large hadron collider and smashed into each other at supersonic speed.

The design looks pretty much like your average smartphone from the front, with several design and color choices on the back reminiscent of Nintendo’s original dedicated portable gaming device. At the top of the Smart Boy is a multi-use port that looks just like the game cartridge slot from the old Game Boy unit, only Cerveau’s design suggests you could load an additional battery, memory card or 3D camera instead. Given how short a lifespan the 3DS has, I’d suggest sticking with the additional juice for long-haul gaming.

Speaking of which, Cerveau has taken that functionality into account, too. His design calls for a small attachment called a Game Bat that could be snapped onto the side of your Smart Boy, giving access to a D-pad, a thumbpad, four buttons and a slider of some sort. If the game you’re playing required actual buttons, then the Smart Boy has you covered.

It’s a neat idea and likely part of a class project or something along those lines, but I dig seeing game-related content pop up in stuff like this. Cerveau’s website has several other designs available for your perusal, too, including a Sony Talkman concept, a Macintosh Phone and a Pocket Computer System.

To be fair, part of Cerveau’s concept is actually just over the horizon in the form of Nintendo games on smartphones. Though Nintendo’s stance seems to be that they will produce new content with smartphone functionality kept in mind, there’s a chance something like the Virtual Console may one day pop up on your mobile device, giving access to catalogs from the NES, SNES and, perfect for the Smart Boy, various Game Boy iterations.

So, what’s your take, readers? Would you be interested in a Nintendo phone? What about some sort of Nintendo platform on existing mobile devices? Would you pay for all of those Zelda, Mario and Metroid games again if you could play them on a device that’s always in your pocket? Or, better yet, what if Nintendo created a unified account system where your Virtual Console games could be played on various devices running their platform? Let us know in the comments below.

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