Ubisoft has issued another trailer for the co-op campaign of Far Cry 3. This trailer showcases each of the four characters at the heart of this mode.

The co-op campaign features an all-new story set in the same island chain as the single-player experience. The captain of the SS Astrid has sold his ship and crew to a local warlord. The four main characters are crew members who decide to fight back. Their ultimate goal is to steal the captain's safe.

The playable characters are a colorful group. Callum is a thug from Scotland. Mikhail is a Russian hitman. The token female, Tisha, is a former soldier. Although Leonard's a former cop, he was quite crooked in those days so he won't be chaperoning this expedition. For additional footage of the team in action, check out the previous co-op trailer.

Far Cry 3's European launch will occur on Thursday. North America will receive it on December 4th. The game will be available on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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