Ubisoft sent out an overview video for Far Cry 3's competitive multiplayer modes today. It explains the coordination required in order to emerge victorious in a match.

Players are encouraged to stick together in multiplayer. If you're incapacitated by enemy fire, a teammate can revive you. By yelling a battle cry, you can provide a temporary boost to the abilities of nearby friends. For example, you can increase their health or reduce their recoil.

Team-oriented actions earn you points. Once you've gained enough points, you can call in a Team Support Weapon. These are almost like Call of Duty killstreaks, in that they have a chance to completely turn the tide of a battle. For example, dropping Psych Gas on a group of enemies will cause them to hallucinate.

Once you've emerged victorious, you and your teammates can brutalize your opponents. In a closing cutscene, your multiplayer avatars finish off your opponents' in a variety of embarrassing and bloody ways. As if there isn't enough rage-quitting in multiplayer shoots already.

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