Today Ubisoft updated the Far Cry 3 website with a new CGI trailer. The trailer provides an introduction to the game's storyline and also reveals the launch date for the shooter.

In the beginning of FC3, a group of "mainlanders" visit a tropical island. However, after a night of drinking, they find themselves at the mercy of a dangerous militia. One of them manages to escape, though: you.

Jason Brody, the main character, fortunately isn't some hapless tourist. He has some combat and survival experience, indicating that he was probably in the military. You won't, in other words, spend the first hour of the game learning how to reload a gun. That's a good thing, because the island you're stranded on is in the midst of a civil war.

Far Cry 3 will hit North America on September 4th. The European release will occur on the 7th.

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