Far Cry 3 was originally scheduled to be one of the first big fall releases. However, Ubisoft announced today that they're pushing the shooter until the very end of the holiday season.

The game's initial release dates were September 4th for North America and the 7th for Europe. Now, the game won't arrive in the U.S. until December 4th. The EMEA launch is slated for November 29th.

Ubisoft says that they delayed the game so that they could continue polishing it. If that's the case, maybe they'll extend multiplayer beta as well? Right now, they only plan to run the test for two weeks.

Late November/early December isn't such a bad place to release a game. New releases have generally slowed to a trickle at that point. It's around the time that consumers head to stores for holiday shopping, too. I think arriving at the tail end of the summer, when gamers are starved for new diversions, might've been best but if the game turned out to be unpolished, the release date would be irrelevant.

FC3 takes place in a tropical archipelago somewhere in the Pacific. Jason Brody, a tourist has found himself in the middle of a civil war. He has to fend off the disturbed individuals stalking the island and also find his girlfriend. A map editor, co-op campaign, and competitive multiplayer are all included as well.

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