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Final Fantasy 7 isn't the only game in the series being re-released soon. During the Final Fantasy Distant Worlds concert in Pittsburgh, composer Arnie Roth mentioned that a Final Fantasy 12 is in development as well.

There was no grand reveal for the Final Fantasy 12 remake. Instead, Roth just mentioned it offhandedly to the crowd while talking about upcoming games. You can hear him mention the remake starting at the 0:20 mark in this video:

As Kotaku points out, he might mean "remaster" instead of "remake." It's hard to imagine that Square Enix is rebuilding FF12 from the ground up rather than simply porting it to new consoles. A full remake is an expensive and time-consuming process. Plus, think about how long it took Square Enix to greenlight the remake for FF7, in spite of a far bigger push from fans.

It doesn't sound like Roth was just confusing Final Fantasy 12 and Final Fantasy 7. A FinalFantasy.net staffer in attendance said he mentioned the latter separately in his talk.

Square Enix hasn't announced a Final Fantasy 12 remake to date. If that project's really happening, I doubt they would've wanted it to be revealed in such an understated way. It'll be interesting to see what happens on Monday. Will Square Enix issue a denial or make a formal announcement of the remake?

Final Fantasy 12 debuted in 2006 on PS2. The game takes place in Ivalice, a world where magic exists alongside advanced technology such as airships. Princess Ashe teams up with an unlikely group of allies to fight the war-like Archadian Empire.

FF12 was one of the best-reviewed chapters in the series and is also considered one of the best games released for PlayStation 2. Critics widely praised the story as well as the gambit system, which allowed players to program characters to automatically perform certain actions in specific situations.

In spite of being such a beloved game, though, Final Fantasy 12 isn't playable on modern consoles or PC. That's really surprising, considering Square Enix's love of Final Fantasy ports. They rarely turn down an opportunity to re-sell games on new platforms. We're definitely overdue for an FF12 re-release, whether it's a simple remaster or a full remake.

Would you play a Final Fantasy 12 remake?
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