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More than 40 minutes of gameplay have been made available for public viewing of Final Fantasy XV. The video features some of the day and night time gameplay, the camping, the combat, the weapon micromanagement and some of the open-world monsters players can fight. You can check it out below, courtesy of GamesHQ Media.

The game is looking mighty fine. I am little worried that there may be a really large open world to explore but not a lot to do in it. There's plenty of running but very little interaction cues.

Even still, Final Fantasy XV has some really great looking animations. Running for too long makes you tired and there are actual animation transitions between running to jogging to being exasperated. That's a really nice touch to add to the immersion factors of the game and it all happens fluidly without key-frame interruptions.

The combat is also completely seamless to the open-world exploration. There's no transition from exploration to combat. It's almost like an MMO. The game also has what appears to be non-targeting gameplay, with players able to switch and fight multiple opponents on the fly without being locked down like in Final Fantasy XII or Final Fantasy XIII.

The combat itself relies on various phantom weapons to perform combos. As showcased in the video, there's a menu where each of the phantom weapons can be leveled up individually, which is kind of cool. The weapons also have special support abilities that players can utilize during battle. Since I don't speak Japanese and couldn't understand what was really going on, it was hard to tell if each of those weapons can be replaced and exchanged or if they're static.

In addition to the basic combos players can also utilize maneuverable attacks, such as jump attacks and feints. Later on in the video when they're fighting those creatures at night, we also see some block and parry moves as well.

One thing I was kind of surprised with was how powerful some of the creatures were in the area. It took quite a while just to vanquish one of those chunky hippo beasts.

Now if the 40 minute gameplay video above wasn't enough, you can also check out some of the Xbox One gameplay footage of Final Fantasy XV, too. VG 24/7 has a three minute video of the game in action on Microsoft's Xbox One. You can check that out below.

Gamers are probably undoubtedly excited about the game since it'll be receiving the accessible demo once March 17th arrives. This taste of the gameplay gives you a good idea as to what direction Square Enix is taking the game. Final Fantasy XV is set for release on the Xbox One and PS4.
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