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Earlier this month Square Enix re-released Final Fantasy 7 on the PC. While it's not the magical HD remake that some fans have been begging for, it's still a noticeable improvement over the original PSOne version.

KOtvShow released a video that shows the same scenes twice, once with the PSOne version and once with its PC counterpart. While the FF7 PC version doesn't look like a current-gen title, the visuals look cleaner. The character models, for one, are much smoother.

The music on the PC version is a more striking difference. The PSOne FF7's soundtrack was done in MIDI format, if memory serves, so it was very low quality. It sounded like someone was playing the whole thing on a Casio keyboard. It sounds like Square Enix swapped in something a bit more high-quality for the PC re-release.

Perhaps Square Enix will some day remake FF7 from the ground up with the latest technology so that it looks just as good as, say, Final Fantasy XIII. That's not what happened here, though. For better or worse, the FF7 re-release isn't that far off from the game you played back in the nineties.

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