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Square Enix released some new footage ahead of their big reveal on March 30 that will finally reveal the release date for Final Fantasy XV. The new footage centers on Noctis and his friends as they infiltrate a Niflheim Empire base.

Game Informer did a recap of the information and details that were released for Final Fantasy XV, the upcoming JRPG for the Xbox One and PS4. The details were accompanied by a three minute clip showcasing the stealth-oriented gameplay that you can check out below.

Noctis sneaks around, avoiding spotlights and the line-of-sight of enemies. Using boxes and cargo crates for cover, the player is tasked with using stealth takedowns to sneak up behind enemies and stab them in the back.

Things go awry later in the video when Noctis is spotted point-blank by a floodlight and the alarms go off. The game takes on a very serious Metal Gear Solid tone during the sneaking segments. Heck, there's even a phony Metal Gear Rex wannabe that pops up in the trailer where it attempts to smash Noctis and crew. The clip ends with a sneak peek at one of the main villains in the game, Aranea Highwind, a legendary dragoon for the empire.

For those of you wondering why sneaking would even be an option, take note that some of the enemies in Final Fantasy XV do use guns, which was made evident in the video above. The usage of guns by enemies means that players are susceptible to taking damage at long ranges, which can quickly bring down your HP and kill you if you aren't careful.

If the game has a moderate mixture of stealth segments peppered throughout the game, then it could be a nice break from the typical open-world grind and fetch-quests that fill up most of the game time in JRPGs.

The combat in Final Fantasy XV is looking pretty good. However, when seeing it in action in the video above, I couldn't help but think about Rocksteady's Batman: Arkham games. The light-attacks that lead into heavy attacks that lead into leaps toward the next batch of enemies looked to be pulled right out of Batman: Arkham Asylum, Origins, City or Knight.

The big difference between Final Fantasy and Batman, however, is that players can acquire new weapons for Noctis and completely alter how he fights and what sort of damage output he does. We also get to see how team combos and party attacks come into play as well, with various members using status attacks on a group of enemies that allow Noctis to come in and finish the job.

In addition to all of the sneaking and ground combat, we see that environmental placements can also be utilized to a player's advantage. Later in the video Noctis commandeers a turret gun and begins laying waste to enemies. I'm curious how many segments like that will be sprinkled throughout the game?

You can look for the release date to be announced for Final Fantasy XV on March 30, 7:00pm PST. For more info, feel free to visit the official Final Fantasy Uncovered website.