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PC owners have waited months to get Red Faction: Guerrilla and Volition is looking to reward their patience. The PC version of Guerrilla will ship with a slew of additional content that didn't ship with the console editions.

Demons of the Badlands, the single-player prequel campaign that costs $10 to download through PSN or Xbox Live, is included free with the PC version. You'll also get the Bagman and Team Bagman multiplayer modes that will be added in the upcoming Multiplayer Pack. You won't get the eight multiplayer maps added in the Multiplayer Pack but you will get eight other maps: six for the Wrecking Crew game mode and two for standard multiplayer.

Screenshots for the "Doubletime" and "Outpost" multiplayer maps, exclusive to the PC version, are below. Guerrilla will arrive on the PC in North America on September 15th and September 18th elsewhere. You can check out the system requirements here.

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