What’s a good way to reel in eager gamers looking for a good time? Offering them something for free. Most don’t have jobs anyway so it’s not like they’ll be pouring their hard earned (parent’s) cash into something that isn’t absolutely worth it. Southpeak has caught on to the ways of the gamer and has decided to offer up the soundtrack of nail'd for free…one song at a time on the Facebook page.

nail’d is a visually immersive racing game that sees gamers plowing through massive slopes, hopping off of cliff-like precipices and getting riders to kiss the treetops with the soles of their boots. Yeah, it’s one of those kind of games.

As you can imagine, a game featuring a several-hundred foot drop over scenic environments isn’t going to have anything less than adrenaline pumping music to match it, and the first that’s available for free this week for nail’d on the Facebook page is an amped up hardcore tune called “Decimator” performed by the likes of Wayne Static of Static-X and Ray Herrera of Fear Factory.

You can grab the tune from nail’d Official Facebook Page. Racing fans eager to soar off mountaintops can do so when the game hits retail shelves for the Xbox 360 and PS3 beginning November 30th…which is just clear of the sales-hogging danger zone known as Call of Duty Black Ops.

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