Frobisher Says is set to debut on U.S. PlayStation Vita's next Tuesday, Oct. 23, for the low-low price of zero dollars.

At the release of a new console, it's not uncommon for a game or two to come out specifically designed to show off what that console is capable of. This is especially true if that console utilizes a radically different control scheme than what the player might be used to, like in the case of the Nintendo Wii or PlayStation Vita. One such feature-focused game for the PSV, Frobisher Says, was available free of charge during the system's European launch. It may have taken half a year to make the journey, but Platform Software Innovation's goofy PSV minigame compilation is finally hitting the U.S. next week.

Think of Frobisher Says as a sort of WarioWare for the Vita and you won't be too far off of the mark. Frobisher has some odd demands, and your job is to use the Vita's various input methods (buttons, front and rear touch, gyroscope, voice, etc.) to complete his requests.

On offer are 50 minigames with the ability for eight players to compete in a party game showdown. You can also play single player, of course.

Perhaps the best part of this news, however, is the fact that Frobisher Says will be maintaining it's extremely attractive price point of zero dollars. The only thing better than a wacko minigame collection is a free wacko minigame collection, amiright?

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