While everyone is off enjoying their Memorial Day, this is just your friendly weekly reminder that the PlayStation Network will be updating with new content tomorrow, including full games like Fuse and Grid 2, as well as PlayStation 2 classic, The Warriors.

Now that summer is officially underway, it's time to do what we do best as gamers by staying inside, turning off the lights, stocking up on junk food and soda and playing marathon sessions of new video games while the blazing sun bakes everyone and everything foolish enough to wander into its harsh, unforgiving rays.

It's good, then, that there is some new content arriving on PSN tomorrow to give us something fresh to play, beginning with Fuse. Coming from Insomniac Games, the guys and gals behind the Ratchet and Clank and Resistance series, Fuse is yet another action game featuring some pretty interesting weaponry. Insomniac has become known for dishing out some of the most unique firepower in gaming history, and Fuse looks to keep that legacy alive with guns that absorb bullets and fire them back at the enemy and other that create tiny black holes that suck in anything that wanders too close.

If you're more in a driving mood, then you can also check out Grid 2 this week, offering all of the cars, tracks and modes you'll need to stay behind the virtual wheel until the wee hours of the morning.

According to the official announcement of planned content for Tuesday, this week's PSN update also includes a murder mystery game called Mountain Crime: Requital, as well as a demo for that game and a copy of Rockstar's The Warriors as a PlayStation 2 Classic.

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