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GTA 5 Online Heist Videos Created By Bored Players

GTA 5 players are tired of waiting for Rockstar to add online heists to the game's multiplayer mode. They've decided to act out their own heists within the game.

In the first video, a group of players from Achievement Hunters team up to rob a convenience store. Convincing one store clerk to hand over all the money in his register seems like a simple task. However, the team decides to err on the side of caution. They race into the stores with assault rifles while a sniper covers the entrance. They coordinate over voice chat and use codenames. While making their getaway, they split up and switch vehicles multiple times. In spite of all this preparation, they still manage to screw the whole thing up.

The video's creators go to impressive lengths to make the simple robbery seem dramatic. Before the heist starts, they have a real-life briefing reminiscent of any good heist movie. They then spend about 30 minutes actually scoping out their escape route. Once the action starts, the video swaps between multiple camera perspectives so you can see all of the criminal mayhem.

The creators of the next fake heist show the same love for dramatic music and overcomplication. They picked a more worthy target, though: a bank. This will probably be one of the locations for the heists that Rockstar adds to the game. Creating this video should be good practice, then.

The plan's even more elaborate in this video. It starts with one of the robbers parachuting from a C130 and landing in front of the bank. He then storms the bank with his comrades. After gathering some cash, they hop in a bus outside that's then airlifted by a transport helicopter. The pilot drops off the truck on a roof so that the criminals can take out the pursuing police choppers. The video then closes with the group skydiving because why not.

Rockstar said in February that online heist details are coming soon. Their other plans for GTA Online include new features for the Content Creator, such as allowing players to build their own Capture Mode jobs. The studio's also planning new content for the single-player campaign, including Assassination and Flight School jobs. They haven't announced a timeline for any of this new DLC, though.

I'm excited for the release of the online heists. If players can make videos this entertaining with pretend heists, imagine what they can do with the real thing.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.