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What’s the point of robbing banks and pulling off heists if you don’t have some big, flashy swag to spend all of that loot on? Thankfully, Grand Theft Auto V has got you covered, releasing its second batch of big ticket customization items with the launch of the “Ill-Gotten Gains Update Part 2.”

Announced recently on the Rockstar Games blog, the Ill-Gotten Gains Update Part 2 includes everything you could ever want in order to make sure the folks you run into on the virtual streets of Los Santos know what kind of a criminal mastermind you really are.

Folks may recall that the first batch of Ill-Gotten Gains content included some shiny new weapons, new clothes for your avatar to show off and even a golden-freaking-jet. Well, with part two of the collection, the gaudy goodies continue to roll out, including “desirable new vehicles, unforgiving new weapons and clothes to make you stand out in a crowd,” according to the announcement.

For starters, a new Coil Brawler is being made available, which is a “luxury sports-style off-roader” guaranteed to turn a few heads as you speed down the highway and through a crowded park. Technically, every vehicle in Grand Theft Auto tends to be “off-road,” but the Brawler will likely make those trips away from the pavement far more enjoyable thanks to a raised suspension and 400 horsepower engine.

If, however, you’d rather go really, really fast, then you’ll probably want to drop a ridiculous amount of in-game change on the Progen T20, supposedly one of the speediest vehicles to ever hit the streets. There’s also a Vapid Chino for those who like to roll in style, as well as a Dinka Vindicator for those who like to cruise around on motorcycles.

While Ill-Gotten Gains Update 1 took players into the air with a couple of gold-plated crafts, this new batch of content will put you out in the ocean with the Lampadati Toro, a high-end speed boat that moves fast and looks good doing it.

Oh, and since you’ll probably need to do a lot of shooting in order to maintain this caliber of lifestyle, you can also expect some exotic new weaponry to stop popping up in high-end shops. These items include a powerful Marksman Pistol, as well as solid gold Knuckle Dusters for those who want to make sure their enemies see the bling up close and personal.

Finally, it’s true that the clothes truly do make the man or woman, so you can expect all sorts of new and pricy pieces of clothing and jewelry to pop up across the city. And in keeping with GTA’s fun parody of Apple products, the iFruit Snap Watch will also be added in IGGU2, where it will probably be about as useless in-game as it is in the real world.
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