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Rockstar Games detailed ten more player-created Jobs from GTA Online that have impressed them. These "Rockstar Verified Jobs" will be available on both the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of GTA 5 from now on.

"Please note that due to restraints on the total number of Rockstar Verified Jobs that can be made available at any one time in the game, we've also retired the first set of Races and Deathmatches originally verified back in December from showing up automatically in Freemode (but you can always still access them from the Social Club Jobs page and choose to add them to your game)," the company said on Rockstar Newswire. "Going forward, as we continue to bestow Rockstar Verified status on more Jobs, we will be cycling out some of the earlier ones along with those updates."

The two deathmatches in today's batch of verified Jobs were created by Pizza690. The first, "Transformer Station," lets players fight for control of a power facility on the edge of Los Santos. "Hill Valley Cemetery" sees players battling along hills of gravestones. Rockstar decided to spotlight these two Jobs because of Pizza690's smart use of cover and pickups.

The other eight Jobs are all races. The races include "Around the Mirror," a high-speed race around Mirror Lake that Rockstar says is well-suited for the sports cars from the recent Business Update. Players looking for a rougher ride can opt for "Farm Fresh," an off-road dirt biking race set in and around Martin Madrazo's ranch. The other races featured today by Rockstar will take players to an airfield and hospital among other locations.

Players created these Jobs using the toolset released in December. They're currently limited to building races and deathmatches. In time, though, Rockstar plans to add support for other modes like Capture mode.

"As ever, in addition to occasionally changing Job names due to taste, copyright or other reasons - we also from time to time will make other small edits to players' Jobs before making them Rockstar Verified," Rockstar said. "This includes, but is not limited to modifying spawn points, improving checkpoints or increasing/decreasing the amount of weapon picks ups for a particular Job."

While GTA Online players are busy creating thousands of new Jobs, Rockstar's working on new content as well. They plan to add online heists to the game in the near future. The single-player side of GTA 5, meanwhile, is due to receive Assassination and Flight School missions.
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