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GTA 5's upcoming PS4, Xbox One and PC versions will enhance the visuals of last-gen editions. A new comparison video shows just how big the upgrade will be.

The video shows several pairs of screenshots. The first image in each pair is from the PS3 version. The second is from the PS4 version, revealed with a trailer last night at Sony's E3 press conference.

The first shots are from the coastline. The cliffside looks like bare rock on PS3 but there's visible grass and shrubs on PS4. The lighting effects are more striking in the new-gen version too, with the sun reflecting off the waves. The waves breaking on the shore look like a solid white on PS3 but the water and spray are distinguishable from each other on PS4.

In the next images, we take look at the train track in the countryside. Once again the PS4 version shows denser vegetation and improved lighting. The cloud cover overhead gives the scene an even more realistic look.

The other three pairs of screenshots also demonstrate these improvements, along with greater draw distance. The game looked good on PS3 and Xbox 360 but the PS4/Xbox One/PC edition is a definite step up. Rockstar seems like they've put some serious effort into improving the look of Los Santos and Blaine County.

Rockstar said in their official announcement today that the new versions of GTA 5 will also have greater damage detail, denser street traffic and new weather effects. The wilderness outside of Los Santos will be home to new wildlife as well.

All of the GTA Online DLC released to date will be included with the PS4, Xbox One and PC versions. These add-ons range from new missions to new equipment to new apartments. The included Content Creator lets players create and share their own missions.

During their E3 press conference last night, Sony revealed that current GTA 5 owners will be able to carry over their GTA Online progress to the PS4 version. Rockstar confirmed today that the Xbox One and PC versions will be able to do that as well. It doesn't matter whether you currently own the Xbox 360 or PS3 edition of the game - it'll work either way.

PC gamers will also get a video editor to make it easier for them to make movies. Players have already proven themselves capable of creating amazing movies on last-gen consoles, such as this Terminator 2 recreation. However, this editor should expand the possibilities even more.

GTA 5 will launch on Xbox One, PC and PS4 this fall.
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