GTA 5 Posters Introduce New Characters

As Grand Theft Auto V nears its release, gamers have spotted new posters advertising the open-world titles. These posters (via AGB) show off some of the supporting characters that players will encounter.

Amanda is a housewife and yoga enthusiast. She's married to Michael, one of the three playable characters in the game. Her relationship with Michael seems very strained. Past trailers have shown her arguing with or yelling at her husband. She's also apparently cheating on him with another man. Some of her hobbies like yoga and tennis are side-activities in the game so perhaps Michael will be able to mend their relationship by spending some quality time with her.

Tracey is Amanda and Michael's daughter. As you might imagine, growing up in a house with warring parents didn't turn her into a model citizen. She gives off a party girl vibe and I'd imagine Michael will have to rein in her excesses at least once during the game.

Franklin, one of Michael's two partners in crime, is employed by a man named Simeon Yetarian. Simeon, the subject of one of the new posters, is an Armenian gangster who runs Premium Deluxe Motorsport. He makes a habit of selling high-end cars to people who can't afford them. When they default on their payments, Simeon sends Franklin to repossess their vehicle. He sounds like the sort of scumbag that will feel right at home in GTA universe.

The other two characters revealed in the posters are more mysterious. Tao, a middle-aged Asian man, is described as a "legitimate businessman" on the poster. Wade looks like an Insane Clown Posse fan. His poster says that he's an "intellectual." I would imagine both posters are being very sarcastic.

Rockstar is sparing no expense in promoting GTA V. A recent report put the combined development and marketing budget for the game at $265 million. It's not clear how big of a piece of that pie was devoted to marketing but it's clear from the avalanche of ads that Rockstar is pulling out all the stops to make sure people know their game is coming.

GTA V will launch worldwide on September 17th for PS3 and Xbox 360. They have yet to confirm the rumored PS4, Xbox One or PC versions.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.