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Game Preview - Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime On The DS

The Nintendo DS has a great selection of quirky, and innovative games. Who would have ever thought that a medical game like Trauma Center would be so cool? Or that Phoenix Wright, a game about lawyers, wouldn’t be boring? Now Nintendo’s bringing a new game to the mix: Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime. The famous slimes from the Dragon Quest (aka Dragon Warrior) take center stage in this game, where your slime character’s town is kidnapped, and he sets off to rescue them. It’s both an RPG, platformer, and strategy game all rolled into one.

The selling point of the game is the tank battles (yes, you read that right). You have these huge set-piece battles against bosses who have their own giant tanks. That's where strategy comes into play. Anything in the game can be used as a weapon, and doubly so with the tank battles, where you need to collect items to shoot at the enemy tanks. The action may be simplistic, it may look like a Zelda clone, and the graphics and story are utterly cute, but Rocket Slime looks to have a great (and smart) charm to it. Buzz for the game has been surprisingly high. Don’t let the cuteness of it steer you away: this is a well crafted (and actually, long running series in Japan) title which will be a welcome addition to the DS’ game library.

Here’s a trailer of the gameplay- watch all of it!