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Imagine GameStop. Got it? Okay now imagine all the gimmicks attached to a GameStop experience, the forced rewards, perks, add-on crap they always shove in your face. Got it? Now imagine a store that potentially operates on gamer-hate and the dark side of the Force. Got it? Welcome to The Game Store.

Writer/director William Kyle Gerardi and writer Robert Barnett take viewers into a small retail shop that aims to imitate a much darker portrayal of places like GameStop, GAME, Game Central or Play-N-Trade. The series was actually filmed in a Play-N-Trade in Garner, North Carolina. The deadpan comedy and dolor perspective of what would otherwise be trivial subject matter will either make you giggle, grimace or cringe, depending on how familiar you are with gaming culture. Check it out below.

The Machinima series is not the fluffiest material out there, as evidenced in the episode above. The comedy resides in a very dark place that's not really for everyone and, surprisingly enough, the above episode was one of the “lighter” episodes in the series. It gets kind of, um, malevolent?

I suppose the one episode about “CoD Sucks” is sort of funny in a dark way, the frustration on the kid's face as he just can't get a kill is priceless. Those of us who win in uneven matches probably know the feeling quite well. If you're not sure what I'm talking about, check out the episode below.

This series kind of reminds me of that movie Office Space or Clerks but hocked up on Ritalin that's been laced with methamphetamine. There's a strange slow-build tension to each short episode that always takes a offbeat, menacing twist at the a Funny Or Die video.

If this kind of stark, dark and semi-realistic comedy is up your alley you can check out the rest of the series over at the Official Game Store Series Page.

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