No Games On Wii U? New Horror Game, The Letter, Is Coming To Wii U

Where the AAA publishers fail the indie crowd prevails. You won't find innovation or non-laziness invested into the Wii U from the big boys, but you will find the little boys (and girls) investing into Nintendo's little Wii U that could, which includes TreeFall Studios' upcoming first-person horror title, The Letter.

Nintendo Enthusiast picked up news about the new indie title, which is scheduled to arrive for Nintendo's latest gen console. But first, the game has to get past a little bit of a crowd-funding hurdle; a hurdle that was first introduced with a failed Kickstarter run, but the team is trying again with a smaller goal on IndieGoGo.

The game is one of those exploratory horror titles where players have to scope out environments, finding clues and working towards the end-game while horror lurks around various corners. Details on the actual gameplay are light at the moment as the game is still trucking through its crowd-funding phase.

Also, keep in mind that the video above is not final and relates to a game that's still early in development. If the team can hit the $8,000 mark they can invest slightly more into better assets, so technically, how good the game looks kind of boils down to how much the Nintendo fanboys and fangirls want to see a higher end horror game on the Big 'N's latest home console.

Sadly, even with the Wii U's GPGPU and memory bandwidth capabilities a lot of the AAA developers and publishers are only concerned with easy ports and quick turnarounds. The Wii U requires a lot of unconditional love, programming care and some sweet, sweet caressing from some proper GPU buffers. That's not to mention that there's a whole lot of tender CPU cuddling required to get the most out of the system.

Thankfully, TreeFall seems to want to make love to the Wii U slow and steady that other AAA developers don't want to bother with; the big boys like it quick and dirty.

If you want to see more original games coming to the Wii U that make full use of the system's capabilities, you can put some money into the coffers of the IndieGoGo campaign by paying a visit to the official page.

With the Wii U receiving a lot more exclusive indie support, the console could really have an equally explosive 2015 as it's likely to have an explosive 2014.

The resurrection of the Wii U kicks off in a big way come May 30th, when the already sold-out Mario Kart 8 launches exclusively for the home console. From there, the Wii U will have a high quality collage of competitive software titles from first and second parties. Hopefully, TreeFall will succeed in securing the bread necessary to bring The Letter to life and join in on all the Wii U's potential upcoming success.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.