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In the land of PC gaming you never know what you're going to get. It could be a box of chocolates (i.e., Mirror's Edge, Battlefield 3, GRID) or it could be a glass of pickled cow-tongues (i.e., GTA IV, Saints Row 2, Assassin's Creed). For THQ's Darksiders II, Gamespy's Port Authority lays out the details on what PC gamers won't be getting with this action-RPG title.

The Gamespy piece isn't very long and gets directly to the point. They warn PC gamers that if you don't like games that suffer from consolitis, then you're not going to like Darksiders II. The article cued a comment section full of the typical pitchfork and torch responses, and you can't really blame the crowd too much given that the one thing most people buy games on PC for is scalability, which is what Darksiders II lacks.

Now, on the upside -- and I've only had a small amount of time to test this out -- Darksiders II actually runs very smoothly on PC. I'm under the assumption that during the very quiet and stealthy installation the game optimizes the settings for the PC it's being installed on and sticks to those settings. Mike Nelson is correct insofar of the game running at an even 60fps. The downside, however, is that you can't modify any graphical settings for the game; no shadows, no lighting, no post-processing, no bloom, no texture filtering, no nothing. It means that if the game doesn't run well on your system then you're screwed.

Now, according to the article, the Darksiders II community manager makes mention of a Holy Grail of config files for the game that may enable the user to modify advanced settings, as stated on the official Darksiders forum. I checked the config folder in the Darksiders II directory but there's no config file. Gamespy's Mike Nelson couldn't find it either and neither could any of the commenters. It's either extremely very well-hidden somewhere or someone is trying to play Inception with our minds.

Nevertheless, Darksiders II runs and runs well on PC. But you won't have a lot of customization or modification scalability to suit the sweet spots of your system. It's unfortunate but not entirely mob-rally-worthy. It's good that Gamespy brought this out now as opposed to later, so early adopters will at least be aware of what they're stepping into if they decide to get the game for PC.

If you're curious about whether the game is worth the price of entry, be sure to check out Gaming Blend's own review before diving head-first into the Darksiders sequel.

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