It probably comes as no surprise that the man that made xenomorphs a pop-cultural horror icon played a bit of a pivotal role in Gearbox’s upcoming first-person shooter, Aliens: Colonial Marines. Famed director, Ridley Scott wasn’t the only one who contributed to the software studio’s shooter…Sid Mead, the brilliant mind behind some of the designs in Tron, including the lightcycle, as well as some props and concepts for Blade Runner and Aliens also met with Gearbox to discuss art, set designs and a few other things.

According to Now Gamer, Matt Powers, senior designer at Gearbox Software commented in an interview at this year’s GamesCom event, saying…
"We spoke with Ridley Scott, and Sid Mead, a designer on the movie and a futurist,"… "[Sid Mead] designed the light cycle for Tron, and elements of Bladerunner and Aliens." Powers continued, "We met with him and he pulled out bits of concept art for the film that he didn't use, and those environments appear in the game."

It wasn’t just about talking to movie legends about art-styles, concepts and environments. Gearbox also laid out a bit of why the game has been delayed, with Powers adding that…
"We're really excited about going back to the plane LV-426, and to relive parts of the movie. But we also wanted to expand the canon with new stuff."… "We really wanted to make sure we got the aliens to move and act right before we showed the game,"

That sounds promising. In my humble opinion I’d rather have the game delayed so that it feels authentic and features the villains exactly the way we remember them from the films as opposed to just being mindless A.I. running around like moving cardboard targets in a shooting gallery.

I’m also hoping that Gearbox goes for quality over quantity in terms of the enemies. Aliens didn’t die all that easy and just having them pop out to get blasted by a shot or two seems pretty weak. Having players wear them down or shooting off limbs like in Dead Space would make a lot of sense for the shooter.

In the meantime we’ll just have to wait for more info and assets to be released before anyone can truly tell what the game will be like. Aliens: Colonial Marines is set for a 2012 release for the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U and PC.

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