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New Ghostbusters Game?

Well this is certainly the very last thing I would have expected to find this morning. It seems that a little known developer Zootfly, may be hard at work creating a videogame adaptation of the comedy classic Ghostbusters.

Wait, huh? Ghostbusters came out almost 25 years ago! This is hardly the time to be milking a license. Sure games like the Godfather and Scarface are based off older movies but at least there’s some logical game material there. Ghostbusters will be a much harder conversion. Who knows though, because a few videos found on Youtube show off some pretty cool stuff like destructible environments and a rather beautiful New York City backdrop.

It also seems as if the game has been allowed to feature the characters likenesses, which is a damn good thing, because say what you want about the importance of gameplay but who wants to play a Ghostbusters game if you can’t be Dr. Venkman?

I also feel obligated to mention that although the game footage looks authentic, it hasn’t yet been confirmed by Zootfly. So theoretically, it could just be some geek with too much time on his hands trying to screw with us.