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If you need some entertainment on your lazy summer afternoons, Spec Ops: The Line could be the remedy. The third-person shooter was released last week worldwide and we've got three free copies to share with our readers.

The Line takes place in Dubai. The opulent Middle Eastern city has been ravaged by a series of sandstorms. Players take on the role of a Delta Force team sent into Dubai to locate Colonel John Konrad, a U.S. Army commander who went missing while attempting to evacuate civilians. The single-player campaign is supplemented by six competitive multiplayer modes.

For a shot at a free copy of the game, follow us on Facebook and leave a comment. Any old comment will do, but make sure you mention what platform (PS3, Xbox 360, or PC) you prefer. Your choice of platform won't affect your odds of winning. For example, picking a less requested version won't make it easier to win.

The contest will close on July 11th at 7pm EST. We'll contact the three random winners with Facebook messages. Be sure to check your account that night.

To get more information on The Line, check out the official website. If you're short on time, the television trailer below will give you a quick introduction.

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