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Remember the name Cris Velasco? No? Not a problem, you probably remember his sweeping orchestra scores for heavy hitting games like the God of War trilogy and Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine. With other titles like Clive Barker's Jericho and Hellgate: London and Beowulf under his belt, Velasco is taking his expertise and putting it to good use in Ubisoft's upcoming ZombiU.

The BAFTA nominee will be undoubtedly bring some noteworthy tunes to the table for the highly anticipated first-person zombie-survival game, which could easily have Ubisoft in the running for a game of the year award.

In case you didn't know, ZombiU takes place during a zombie-apocalypse, forcing players to have to use their wits and smarts to attempt to escape from the hordes. The game is one of the first AAA titles to use perma-death in a persistent, story-driven narrative. That's right, your character can (and will) die and you will eventually have to play someone else throughout the campaign.

To match the horror, action and inevitable sorrow comes with the game, Velasco will bring a mixed bag of tunes with him to the table, with the press release stating...
To immerse players in the zombie apocalypse setting and intense first-person experience of ZombiU, Cris Velasco composed a visceral hybrid action score featuring the raw sounds of detuned toys and instruments, carnival organs, distorted guitars, and haunting ambient textures, contrasted with the intimate emotion of piano and string quintet compositions.

Velasco will also be a part of the "Maestros of Horror and Sci-Fi Music" composer panel at the upcoming New York Comic Con on October 12th along with a meet and greet at the Metal Machine Booth.

ZombiU will release exclusively for the Wii U on November 13th alongside the launch of the console itself. You can learn more about Cris Velasco's contributions to ZombiU by visiting the Official ZombiU Facebook Page.

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