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Warner Bros. Interactive announced that a new game based on J.R.R. Tolkien's popular Lord of the Rings series will be arriving this fall for the Xbox 360's Live Arcade and on the PS3's PlayStation Network.

The name of the game is Guardians of Middle-Earth and it's a multiplayer online battle arena game similar to Avalon Heroes or Rise of Immortals, except with swords, sorcery and hobbits.

Samantha Ryan, Senior Vice President, Production and Development at WBIE commented in the press release about the new title, saying...
“The MOBA genre is wildly popular with PC players and we are excited to bring it to consoles through the lore of Middle-earth,” “The heroes and villains of Middle-earth are crafted in a way that perfectly intersects with MOBA game features, allowing the development team to create guardians with deep skills and abilities for gamers to master.”

The genre has exploded ever since publishers seen how much money could be made on free-to-play MOBA style games when Riot Games let League of Legends loose on the market. Essentially it has more players than World of Warcraft, however because it's not subscription-based and the entry is free there is no barrier to keep players out or enforce them to pay.

Guardians of Middle-Earth obviously won't be free-to-play due to policy restrictions from Microsoft, however, the game will still maintain all the content and modes that help make MOBA games fun, such as five-on-five or 10 player PvP matches, along with 20 different iconic heroes from the Lord of the Rings universe, including but not limited to Gandalf, Sauron, Gollum, Thráin, Aragon and more. Additional characters will be released as DLC after the movie The Hobbit releases, enabling gamers to play as their favorite heroes and villains from the movie.

You can look for Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment's Guardians of Middle-Earth to launch this fall ahead of Peter Jackson's upcoming film, The Hobbit. Need more info? Feel free to hit up the Official Website.

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