Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is showing off two more characters from strategy game Guardians Of Middle-Earth. Galadriel and Ugluk each help their team achieve victory in very different ways.

Galadriel, also known as the "Lady of the Light," is essentially a ranged support class. She can summon a Lothlorien Grove around allies in order to heal and conceal them. Her Power of Nenya spell pulls all nearby enemies to her. She is healed every time she casts an ability so she's one of the most durable heroes in the game.

Ugluk, a Uruk-Hai, is melee specialist. His movement and attack speed are increased when enemies are close, allowing him to tear through them with his whip and sword. His abilities are geared toward closing the distance between him and enemies. He can perform Charge of the Uruk-Hai to crash into an enemy, or use White Hand's Whip to root them in place.

Guardians is essentially League of Legends with Lord of the Rings characters. Two teams of players control heroes and villains from Tolkien lore and work together to defeat the enemy base. There will be twenty playable characters in total.

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