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The world’s most famous virtual idol, along with a nice selection of her musical friends, is finally making the trip to Vita out West as Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f receives a March release window in the United States.

It’s not too often that a vocal audience actually makes big changes happen in an industry as large as video games, but that’s exactly what happened with the Hatsune Miku series. First, a little history. Originally spawned as a sort of mascot for some autotuning software, the blue-haired character Hatsune Miku eventually grew a fan-base of her own, leading to music videos, “live” concerts and even a boatload of additional characters built from the ground up to sing their hearts out for their adoring fans.

It only makes sense that such a character would eventually get their own video game, which brings us to Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f. Sega set up a promotion that basically stated: If enough fans spread the word about this game, we’ll bring it to territories outside of Japan. Fans responded in kind and, thus, PDf made its way to US PlayStaiton 3’s last fall. The game did so well, in fact, that Sega went on to work on a Vita version of the game, saying it would arrive sometime in 2014.

Well, it looks like that time is officially upon us, as Sega of America Associate Brand Manager Aaron Webber has announced a March release date for the portable version of the game. Unlike the PS3 version of the game, however, the Vita version of Hatsune Miku’s latest outing will only be available in a digital format.

“The game will be available on PlayStation Store, and will also feature a completely separate set of trophies from the PS3 version,” Webber said. “We’re also happy to confirm today that we will be bringing over the DLC that many have asked us about: the Snow Miku 2013 DLC, the Extra Character Modules Pack, and the Extra Songs pack will all be available at launch in March.”

No pricing details have been made available for that extra content at this time, but basically you’re looking at some extra songs and costumes (modules). And who knows, if this Vita version does as well as the PS3 version here in the States, maybe the more recently announced Project Diva f 2 will also make the jump across the pond.

Like most rhythm games, Project Diva is all about timing button presses to the music and instrumental scores that accompany the 30-plus songs that make up the game’s soundtrack. It starts off simple enough, but higher difficulty levels and more complex songs prove to be an absolute workout for your thumbs. There’s also a bunch of side activities (like room decoration) to fill your time, and you can purchase a large number of outfits to customize your divas for their performances.

It was a great rhythm game on the PS3, so here’s hoping that kind of quality makes the leap to the Vita this March.

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